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JOB TITLE: Service Station Manager


SHIFT: Morning

As Service Station Manager, you will lead a great team of professional Service Champions, who provide the kind of service that helps to make customers’ journeys better. Responsibilities include:
  • Recruiting, inducting and managing all team members to ensure that the station performs at its best, every day.
  • Leading the team in providing great customer satisfaction through excellent service.
  • Managing every aspect of the station operation safely and efficiently.
  • Training and coaching team members to help them perform at their best every day.
  • Acting as the Designated Premises Supervisor for alcohol sales.
  • Taking overall responsibility for the financial management of the station and for health and safety compliance.
We are looking for people who are great with other people and always bring out the best in them. Other important qualities are:
  • Being a highly competent and inspiring leader.
  • Having great attention to detail and being able to run all aspects of the operation.
  • Looking professional and well-presented.
  • Working well under pressure.
  • Knowing all about the products we sell and being ready to explain them to customers.
  • Being a great communicator with team members and customers.
  • Being sincere and positive at all times.